RECLAIM of Washington only accepts one invasive mitigation project at a time, which makes your needs our one and only priority! Water Damage Don’t panic – it’s just water! Whether it is the clean water from a water supply line leak or the dirty water from a washing machine overflow or even the grossly contaminated sludge of a sewer line backup, RECLAIM of Washington has the expertise to resolve the problem and get your property back to normal. 65% of the human body and 71% of our planet’s surface is composed of water which is fine for our bodies and the planet, but that water does not belong in the dry areas of our homes or businesses. When a water damage occurs it should be addressed by IICRC certified technicians, like those of RECLAIM of Washington, before it becomes worse. If water is allowed to remain in an environment, ever-present microorganisms begin to react with the moisture by multiplying and consuming the organic materials around them. This may lead to unpleasant odors, visible mold or even rot of your building structure which may spread throughout the building environment causing negative health reactions. The dirtier the water the faster this process occurs. If your home or office is affected by a water damage, here are the recommended steps to get the restoration process going: Call RECLAIM of Washington and make an appointment for service. With insurance deductibles on the rise and denial clauses prevalent within policies, it is always better to have a professional mitigation company inspect your property damage first to assist in the decision of turning in an insurance claim or not. Safety is a priority so please make sure that you are not at risk of injury from electrical or structural instability (we can recommend several reputable and reasonably priced specialty trade contractors such as electricians or civil engineers). Also, be cautious of slip hazards and contact a doctor if you have any health concerns.
If possible, eliminate the source of the water intrusion (we can recommend several reputable and reasonable specialty trade contractors such as plumbers or roofers). In the affected areas, please remove any items that you would not want our crew to see, touch or move. Our Cres are instructed not to touch any items of a personal nature, guns, medications, ammunition, highly valuable items, monies, etc. . Protect carpeting from staining by placing a non-staining material (such as foil or foam blocks) beneath the furniture legs and removing other colored materials that could stain the carpet. Do not use your household vacuum to extract water or use residential fans to dry wet surfaces. Water may damage your vacuum and circulating air prior to appropriate mitigation services may spread contaminates. Take a deep breath and remain calm… it is only water and RECLAIM of Washington is on our way! Once RECLAIM of Washington has arrived, we have a simple process to resolve the property damage and get you back to your normal life. We will inspect the affected areas with you so that we may help you to determine if this property damage should be turned in as an insurance claim or not. We will discuss with you any concerns you may have and help you to understand how the mitigation process will occur. If you have already submitted an insurance claim, we will contact your insurance adjuster and discuss the claim with her/him to assist in determining coverage. The next step will be to review the authorization documentation with you so that we may continue with the mitigation process. We will then fully document the area of loss with photographs and other necessary evidence to assist in determining the extent of the damage and to assist in the support of claim coverage for the insurance adjuster to review (if necessary). This is also helpful to the general contractor to refer to during the restoration process. We will then stabilize the affected areas by removing excessive water and unsafe building materials such as unsecured ceilings. From this point we will begin the invasive mitigation process by moving/protecting your contents so that the mitigation process does not affect them, removing non- salvageable materials such as saturated pad and swollen baseboards. Finally, all salvageable materials will be prepared for the drying process and treated with an anti-microbial solution to inhibit the growth of microbial growth on the affected materials. We will then install our state-of-the-art drying equipment to rapidly dry the affected areas to normal moisture levels. Each day of drying we will monitor the progress, adjust equipment for optimization and update all involved parties of progress. Once all affected materials have been dried to normal building standards, we will remove our equipment, review the completed mitigation project with you and your general contractor for restoration. RECLAIM of Washington guarantees its drying process prior to restoration and will re-address any necessary mitigation related to the claim as requested by you, your adjuster or your general contractor. Once restoration is complete, RECLAIM of Washington offers a five year limited warranty. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Suspicious Growth Mold is everywhere in our environment: on our skin, in our food, on our computer keyboard and in the walls of our home or business. Mold is an essential part of our environment that helps to regulate the function of life itself. But, when mold gets out of control, when it begins to exist in large quantities within our homes or business, it has the potential to become dangerous. Negative health effects, property destruction and an unpleasant living/working environment are just a few of the problems that mold can cause. Most mold and other organic growth need three elements to develop and grow: the right environment, a food source and moisture. Take away any one of these three elements and growth is inhibited. Your home or business is an ideal environment for mold to grow and flourish; it has an ideal temperature and lots of available food (wood, paper, hair, skin, breadcrumbs, etc.). All that is missing is moisture. When you have a water damage, the mold that already exists in your home or business now simply needs time to grow out of control! Typically, visible colonies of suspicious growth can be seen three to five days after they have begun to grow, so it is necessary to address water damages as soon as possible. Once the suspicious growth can be seen, special mitigation techniques are required to properly address the affected areas. Thankfully, RECLAIM of Washington is trained and experienced to resolve the issue of mold and other types of suspicious growth. RECLAIM of Washington takes the process of remediating suspicious growth very seriously and performs the process with the utmost attention for your health and safety. Small amounts of suspicious growth can generally be addressed during the water mitigation process. However, larger amounts of suspicious growth will require appropriate pre-remediation testing, remediation protocols and post-remediation clearance testing performed by an industrial hygienist. Like all other problems, RECLAIM of Washington can resolve any suspicious growth problems you may have in your home or business.
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