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For property that is damaged by fire, mold, smoke or water, the solution is RECLAIM of Washington!

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Property Damage Happens Often it is the small leaking pipe hidden in your Laundry Room wall that you do not discover for weeks or the second story Bathroom toilet overflow that flooded all the way into your Basement. Sometimes it is the small Kitchen fire that smoked up the entire house or even the mold found in your Attic by a home inspector. Regardless of the size and scope of the damage, you need it addressed so that the value of your property is saved and the routine of your life is restored. RECLAIM of Washington will solve these problems for you and get your home or business back to normal. Exceeding Expectations of Excellence This is not just a slogan or even a goal – it is our business practice. RECLAIM of Washington has specifically been designed to focus on you, and your needs in resolving your Vancouver property damage restoration & cleanup problems. When you have property damage, you want it resolved professionally, quickly and to the highest standards possible; you want clear communication and to know that your property is the priority Vancouver restoration project; most of all, you want to know that you are working with a company that is properly certified to resolve your Vancouver restoration issue, and has your best interest in mind. RECLAIM of Washington is that company. The One and Only When your property suffers from a disaster and you hire RECLAIM of Washington, we will make your Vancouver property cleanup & restoration the priority of the company. We intentionally formed our company to only accept one active Vancouver property damage project at a time. This means that when you have RECLAIM of Washington resolve your Vancouver property damage issue, we will work on your project each day until the work is complete. We will never spend just a few hours a day at your project before moving onto the next one, nor will our crew get pulled off your project early because a new project requires our attention across town. Our business practice is to complete your project in the most efficient and effective manner possible. When you contract with RECLAIM of Washington to resolve your Vancouver property damage cleanup & restoration problem, you become our one and only customer.
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water damage restoration service vancouver wa
There’s No Time Like the Present Not only are we available 24/7 to respond for emergency services, but one of the many qualities that separates us from other Vancouver restoration companies is that our regular business hours encompass every day of the week – we do not take off for weekends. When you have an emergency, you want a company that will work to resolve that problem regardless of what day it is. If your dishwasher floods your kitchen on a Tuesday – call RECLAIM. If you leave the turkey in the oven too long and it smokes up your house on Thanksgiving Day – call RECLAIM. If the city sewer line backs up into your crawlspace on a Sunday – call RECLAIM. Even if you go into the office on New Year’s Day to rearrange the furniture and notice mold on the wall – call RECLAIM. Regardless of the day or time, RECLAIM of Washington is here to help. It’s Not Who You Know, But What You Know Anyone can demo damaged sheet rock or tear out wet carpet, but the trained specialists for RECLAIM of Washington know when, how and why to save materials that have been affected by water or fire damage. More importantly, these certified technicians know how to prepare the area of loss so that cross-contamination of mold or other hazardous materials do not involve your unaffected areas during mitigation services. RECLAIM of Washington is a certified firm (application pending approval) of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), an ANSI-accredited standard setting organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries that offers internationally recognized industry certifications. This means that when you hire RECLAIM of Washington you are hiring professionals that have been trained to the highest standards in the industry. One for All, All for One It takes a lot of different skills to create a building and it takes a lot of partners working together to restore one after it has been damaged. Specialty trade contractors like plumbers or electricians secure the source of damage from causing additional destruction and make the building safe for work to begin. Mitigation specialists like RECLAIM of Washington use specialized skills and equipment to keep the damage from becoming worse and then to properly prepare the area of loss to be renovated while protecting the unaffected areas from cross-contamination. Insurance adjusters work directly with all parties involved to establish coverage and secure the financial commitment of the insurance carrier to pay for the project. General contractors work with various trade contractors to restore your property. Most importantly, it is your property so your wants and needs must be acknowledged and addressed throughout the entire process. RECLAIM of Washington understands this process and works with all parties involved to turn your Vancouver property damage cleanup & restoration problem into an easy solution. Six Degrees of Separation Your home or business are located here in this community, and choosing to have a local company like RECLAIM of Washington resolve your Vancouver property damage cleanup & restoration problem makes good sense. Faster response times, supporting the local economy and positive relationships with needed local contractors or insurance representatives are obvious reasons for using a company based in your community. But we believe there is a far more valuable reason for you to use our company: Every day our reputation is in your hands. We are a local Vancouver damage cleanup & restoration company, formed right here in this community, with no obligation to an out-of-state parent company or franchise network. Members of our team live locally, work locally, volunteer locally, vote locally and send our children to local schools. We may know your co-workers or Facebook friends or members of your church congregation. If we want to succeed and have you give us the highest compliment possible – confidently referring our services to someone you know – then RECLAIM of Washington must always exceed expectations of excellence!
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Every problem has a solution – for property that is damaged by fire, mold, smoke or water the solution is RECLAIM of Washington!
Home Damage Restoration Service Vancouver WA
home damage restoration service vancouver wa
home damage restoration service vancouver wa