RECLAIM of Washington only accepts one invasive mitigation project at a time, which makes your needs our one and only priority! A Working Smoke Detector is Priceless One of the most challenging and destructive property damage events to occur is that of fire or smoke. The burnt materials are only the surface of the damage – for the most part, they can be restored or replaced. The real difficulties are the lingering odor throughout the building and the emotional distress the event itself has caused. RECLAIM of Washington is owned by a volunteer firefighter who understands the havoc even a small fire can have on the operation of a business or the security of home-life. Fire mitigation is more than just cleaning up the mess that fire makes, it is also about understanding how it affects the lives of the home occupants or the business operation. The goal for RECLAIM of Washington is to help you through the entire process, from securing your property against potential vandalism to inventorying your non- salvageable contents for insurance compensation to cleaning, deodorizing and restoring your property so there will be no lingering odors to remind you of the difficult event that occurred. We work with you, your insurance adjuster, various specialty contractors and your general contractor to make the process as smooth as possible. Typically the process follows this pattern: RECLAIM of Washington will assist you in the process to stabilize your life situation (if necessary): determine the livability of the structure, work with your insurance carrier to arrange temporary housing, coordinate specialty contractors to stabilize the property, secure the property from elements and other unwanted intrusions, etc. RECLAIM of Washington will coordinate with you, your insurance carrier, necessary specialty contractors and the general contractor of your choosing to develop a plan of mitigation. Because a typical fire restoration project takes 120-180 days to complete, making sure that all involved parties are working towards the same goal and with the same expectation of results is essential.
RECLAIM of Washington will either clean your affected contents on site or pack them out for off-site cleaning at our shop (complete photo inventory will be performed prior to contents being packed and removed from your property). Some contents such as clothing, expensive rugs and electronics will be sent to specialty cleaners for specialized cleaning techniques. Items that are considered non-salvageable will be inventoried and left on site for you to exam prior to disposal; if you wish for us to attempt restoration of some of those items we will be happy to do so. Once you have authorized for us to dispose of the non-salvageable items, we will remove them and appropriately dispose of them. RECLAIM of Washington will then appropriately clean or prepare for restoration the affected portions of the structure. Next we will deodorize and seal the affected areas to eliminate any lingering odors. Finally, we will review our work with you and release the structure over to the general contractor for restoration. RECLAIM of Washington will then focus all personnel on restoring, cleaning and deodorizing your contents so they will be ready to move back into your property as soon as the structure restoration is complete. Enduring the awful occurrence of a fire or smoke damage to your property is an event that we hope you will never have to experience. However, like most other complicated problems, a property that has been damaged by fire or smoke has a process for mitigation…a process that RECLAIM of Washington has perfected.
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