What separates RECLAIM of Washington from all of the other mitigation and restoration companies? The restoration industry has developed processes and systems that are commonly used by all reputable companies. This means that company X likely uses the same process as company Y which has a similar system to company Z. What truly separates the companies are two factors: application and personnel. RECLAIM of Washington takes the unique application approach of operating seven days a week and only accepting one invasive mitigation project at a time; this allows us to sincerely provide exceptional customer service because each and every customer is our one and only customer at that time. Also, each project is supervised by fully trained, certified and experienced mitigation experts who understand how each aspect of the process and system of the project interacts with one another. Most of all, by being experts in our field and not being stressed by the “need to get to the next project” our staff can genuinely focus on your needs to bring your property back to normal quickly. What is the difference between mitigation, remediation and restoration? RECLAIM Services will specialize in three categories of property disaster renovation: mitigation, remediation and restoration. Mitigation is the effort to reduce loss of property by lessening the impact of disasters. Remediation is the removal of pollution or contaminants from the environment for the general protection of human health and property. Restoration is the cleaning /rebuilding/replacement of original materials to pre-loss condition. Should I obtain an estimate prior to beginning service? Generally, a detailed estimate prior to service is not necessary because the nature of the work performed by a mitigation company is recognized as “emergency service” designed to prevent additional damage. Furthermore, the extent of the damage often far exceeds the initial inspection process. In fact, obtaining multiple estimates tend to delay necessary services and cause additional damage to the property which may result in partial denial of coverage. As a courtesy to each client, RECLAIM of Washington offers an inspection report prior to each project and a detailed statement of performed services upon completion for you to review. Since most reputable mitigation companies like RECLAIM of Washington use the same estimating software (Xactimate) as the insurance carriers, there is generally no disputes regarding the cost of services performed.
How long does a typical water mitigation project take? A general time-frame of 7-10 days is reasonable. Projects that exceed this amount of time generally require special authorizations from insurance carriers or pre-planning discussions between the property owner and RECLAIM of Washington. How long does a typical mold remediation project take? While each project is as unique as the building and occupants themselves are, a general time-frame of 5-7 days is reasonable (this includes pre-testing by an industrial hygienist, remediation and clearance testing by an industrial hygienist). Your project may take more or less time, depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of contents involved. Also, once the mold remediation is complete, there are generally 3-5 days of water mitigation that are required. How long does a typical fire or smoke mitigation project take? These types of projects are often challenged with dozens of factors, however a general time-frame of 10-15 days for the structure, and 20-30 days for contents, is a reasonable expectation. Your project may take more or less time, depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of contents involved. If I turn an insurance claim in for my property damage, what are my financial obligations? You are generally responsible to pay your deductible which is often deducted from the restoration payment rather than the mitigation portion of the project. Also, many insurance companies do not extend coverage for repairing the “cause” of the damage such as plumbing repairs. Finally, unless your can provide specific receipts, do not be surprised if your insurance carrier requires you to replace damaged items prior to reimbursement. Your insurance adjuster will explain all of your obligations when they review your claim with you Do I get better service if I use RECLAIM of Washington or my insurance carrier’s “contractor referral program” contractor? RECLAIM of Washington takes full accountability and responsibility for all work we perform. As we only focus on one customer at a time the quality of our work is concentrated only on your needs and our practice of exceeding expectations of excellence. Furthermore, you become part of our “referral” network so we recognize that if we must perform our services to the highest quality possible. The law gives you the right to hire any contractor to work on your property; additionally no insurance carrier can guarantee the work of a contractor, regardless if they are part of a “contractor referral program” or not. What is your guarantee and warranty program? RECLAIM of Washington guarantees and warranties our work. At any point after mitigation/remediation services have been completed and prior to the initiation of restoration services, RECLAIM of Washington will provide any secondary mitigation/remediation services necessary without dispute and at no charge. Once restoration has been completed, RECLAIM of Washington will provide any secondary mitigation / remediation services necessary at no charge if it is determined by a non-affiliated third party that resulting damages are the direct result of a failure by RECLAIM of Washington to perform those services appropriately during the original mitigation/remediation process. This warranty is valid for five years. Does RECLAIM of Washington offer financing? Yes. If your insurance carrier denies you coverage or limits your coverage below your needs or you do not want to turn the project in as an insurance claim, RECLAIM of Washington can assist various financial options. Please communicate with our office to discuss those options. How does the insurance process generally work during a property damage restoration project? (This summary is typical, but not all inclusive, and may not apply to your specific situation). The event occurs and a mitigation company like RECLAIM of Washington is called by the property owner (you) to determine the scope of the loss and if a claim with an insurance carrier should opened by the insured (you). The mitigation company begins the mitigation process, documenting the project so that the insurance adjuster can review to assist in coverage approval or if coverage concerns develop. An insurance carrier “desk adjuster” reviews the claim notes and assigns a “field adjuster” to inspect the loss to write a scope of restoration repairs (unless there are coverage concerns, mitigation services should have already been initiated prior to this inspection). When the invasive mitigation aspect of the process is complete, a general contractor reviews the scope of restoration repair and discusses that scope with the adjuster and the insured. When the mitigation process of the project has been completed, the mitigation company will turn the project over to the general contractor and submit the bill to the adjuster and insured for review. Typically, the insurance carrier will issue payment for mitigation services directly to the mitigation company if the insured has so authorized. The insurance carrier will then issue partial payment to the insured (or general contractor is the insured as so authorized) to begin restoration repairs. The general contractor will then begin ordering materials and begin restoration. Final payment will be issued when the restoration services are complete. Any legitimate additional charges related to the claim may be covered by the insurance carrier with a supplemental payment. When all payments have been issued, the claim will be closed. Why do I have to sign paperwork with the mitigation and restoration contractors if my insurance carrier is going to pay the bill? Your insurance carrier represents your investment into coverage: you purchase an insurance policy and the insurance carrier manages that policy for you. When a claim is opened to draw from that policy, you must authorize who is allowed to perform the work and accept the payments. Furthermore, when work is performed in your home or business, you must authorize for the work to be done because you are the owner of that property. Even if your insurance carrier refers a contractor to perform the work, you must directly authorize that contractor to perform the work. Insurance carriers take no direct responsibility for the work of who you hire. About RECLAIM of Washington RECLAIM (an acronym for Restorative and Emergency Cleaning, Licensed Abatement, and Invasive Mitigation Services) is a mitigation company serving the areas of Clark and Cowlitz Counties in Washington State. The company is a partnership between Kari Weber and Zachary Johnson and was formed to improve the expectation of production quality and customer satisfaction within the local mitigation and remediation industry. The mission of RECLAIM of Washington is “To exceed expectations of excellence for our customers, centers-of-influence and our industry in general.” The vision of the company is “To develop an organization of balance, financial security, integrity and quality of service.” RECLAIM of Washington has established a signature-style with a quality-based production format, whereas only one invasive mitigation project at a time will be engaged in; this is designed to focus all assets on that project for rapid completion and unparalleled customer/center-of-influence satisfaction. Most other similar companies are designed to operate on a quantity-based production format, whereas in order to survive they need to engage in multiple projects at all times. RECLAIM of Washington believes that this business model is self-defeating in that multiple jobs can often lead to limited attention to any one project, which can cause sub-standard production results and dissatisfied customers/centers-of-influence. Business practices that separate RECLAIM of Washington from other similar companies: All full-time employees are fully certified with some of the most extensive set of qualifications in the industry. Part-time employees undergo a full in-house training program and are always supervised by a certified full-time employee. Normal hours of operation will be every day from 8:00am – 6:00pm, including weekends. The company will only accept one project at a time for invasive mitigation services. The company will provide a project evaluation and initial scope of required service to all involved parties within one day of arrival. The company will complete or identify all required invasive mitigation/remediation services required within two days of project initiation. The company will provide complete post-project summary and billing to all involved parties within three days of project completion. Kari Weber brings to the company strong marketing, office administrative management and social media development skills. Furthermore, she also maintains high benchmarks for job site cleanliness and organization; her insights and direction for production during invasive mitigation are essential and valuable in exceeding expectations of excellence. Zachary Johnson is an experienced industry technician, manager and business development consultant. For over six years, Zachary was the Production Manager/General Manager for the local operation of a national franchise restoration company where he gained extensive education, experience and insights regarding the mitigation/restoration industry. Zachary maintains multiple industry-recognized advanced certifications and continues to both practice and teach technical skills associated with this industry. Contact Information RECLAIM of Washington Post Office Box 300 Ridgefield, WA 98642 360-633-2222
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